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Are Containers Replacing Virtual Machines?

With 20,000 partners and attendees converging at VMworld in Las Vegas this week, we often get asked if containers are replacing virtual machines (VMs). Many of our Docker Enterprise customers do run their containers on virtualized infrastructure while others run it on bare metal. Read more

Docker Weekly #250: Containers, Customer Blog: Baker Hughes and Register, DockerCon EU Courses

DockerCon EU: Official Docker Training Courses Discounted for DockerCon Attendees

You can now add Training at a discounted rate to your  DockerCon registration. Each training course is a 2-day, Docker Instructor led, role-based, enterprise-grade training for organizations. Each course features a variety of assessment instructions from practice quiz questions, lab exercises, to project-based signature assignments for learners to practice and meet the learning objectives of each course.



Taking Machine Learning to New Heights Using DockerC containers by Brian E. Thomas

IDC Survey Finds Containers Driving Mission-Critical Apps by Mike Vizard

Windows Weekly Dockerfile #26: Managing & Upgrading Apps with Docker Compose by Elton Stoneman


Articles, blog posts, slides and videos:
Machine Learning Environment Setup within 10min! by Bala Venkatesh

Build a CI/CD Pipeline with Docker and GitLab by Jimmy Adaro

How to Delete Docker Containers From the Command Line by Ryanwhocodes

Deploy Docker Based Project using GitHub in 5 Min with Simple CI/CD Integration by Sunil More

Running smoke tests for ASP.NET Core apps in CI using Docker by Andrew Lock

How to Use ‘Tensorflow Serving’ Docker Container for Model Testing and Deployment by Manoveg Saxena



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September 4 –  Docker St. Louis Meetup

September 13 –  Docker Richmond Meetup

September 26 – Docker Colorado Springs

DockerCon 2018 – EU

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December 3-5, DockerCon Barcelona

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