ADCS : monitoring

Active Directory Certificates Services

Texte de remplacement généré par une machine : 3.c.2. Events monitoring — _i 1 • Centralize, aggregate, and perform pro-active monitoring on PKI logs: — CA: issuing, revocation, template, permission, backup, roles, recovery ... — Active Directory: authentication, DNS — Client: key usage, missing private key . Ideally integrate it into a SIE M. — Management packs do exists for SCOM 2007, 2010 . Useful for forensics . Standard windows events. See 4.d. and WS. 10) .as px


Texte de remplacement généré par une machine : Default configuration: Role ADCS OCSP Web enrollment CEP CES Host Service / Default Dependencies process identity service Certsrv.exe Local system NO/NO service Ocspsvc.exe Network Svc NO/NO IlS default /certsrv ApplicationPoo website Ildentity lIS default /ADPoIicyProvi ApplicationPoo website der_CEP_Usern Ildentity amePassword lIS default /%CA_NAME% ApplicationPoo website _CES_Usernam Ildentity ePassword